Basic Computer Skills

As technology becomes increasingly more intertwined with our daily lives, it is vital that individuals have basic computer literacy. Students in this course will learn basic computer skills, with an introduction to basic terminology related to computer and word processing, Microsoft Office, the Internet, safe web searches, and email.

An attempt will be made to support all students’ individual needs.

In this course, we will introduce:

  1. Select and use appropriate technological tools for personal, academic, and career tasks.
  2. Access and evaluate information from a variety of online sources and websites, including the use of safe sites.
  3. Use the basic terminology related to computer and word processing.
  4. Open, create, save, and format a basic document, spreadsheet, and presentation.
  5. Use spell check and editing function on documents.
  6. Create tables and calendars.
  7. Build confidence and skills in using computer technology.