Credit Awareness Program

Do you have “bad” credit? Denied for lines of credit?

Sign up for our credit awareness program to learn ways to fix your credit, invest, and grow your money! Contact us to learn more!


Our workshops connect you with experts who can provide valuable insight and knowledge on different subjects, from basic computer skills to communication skills, dressing for success, and more.

Learn more about our workshops and the opportunities they bring!

Apprenticeship Program

One of our most successful programs involves providing youth and adults with the skills they need to be successful. We have partnered with A&K Training Facility and other training providers to bring a training and apprenticeship program to the communities of Greensboro.

While our program is available to anyone who is interested, we pride ourselves on our work with justice-involved youth and adults. We believe that by offering these individuals the opportunity to learn new skills and train with a company in their field of interest, we can begin to divert them away from the path of prison. We know it takes more than that, and that is why we are partnering with other organizations in the community to fill other needs.