Cleveland Avenue Homes

Comprehensive Program

Employment & Training Opportunities

Our curriculum includes courses on Trades Training, including but not limited to facilities maintenance, HVAC and refrigeration, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, pipefitting, electrical/electronic, heavy equipment machinery, instrumentation and process control, construction management, construction software, and more.

Each of our programs are designed to meet the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT) Standards. Special considerations are provided for apprentices with physical, neurological, and developmental disabilities in accordance with ADA regulations.

Human Resource Skills

The ability to form good interpersonal relationships are vital to the continued success of residents and employees, and forms the bedrock of an effective workforce. Everyone can benefit from improved human resources and interpersonal skills. Course options include, but are not limited to: communication, conflict resolution, and more.

Section 3 Residents receive:

  • Hand Tools
  • Safety Equipment
  • Health Checks
  • Partnered with Approved Trainer
  • Uniforms
  • Classroom Training
  • 40 Hours per Week
  • Basic Training Safety Guidelines

YouthBuild Participants

The YouthBuild apprenticeship program is similar to the above apprenticeship programs but specifically targets apprentices 16-24 years old.

Housing Assistance

Housing Opportunities

We are working with the National Community Development Corporation to assist interested residents in purchasing their own home. This provides generational wealth for families and ends the reliance on Section 8 vouchers. If you are a resident of Cleveland Avenue Homes and are interested in purchasing your own home, please apply below!

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