About Us

Our History

In 2015, we formed the Organizational Reality Check program, which revealed the underdevelopment and blatant disregard for the underserved communities in all cities and counties in the United States, including our own local communities. As we continued to research, we observed major deterioration of properties. We saw many families’ prosperity destroyed. We are people who believe that we must help one another to the best of our ability. Out of this conviction and heartfelt desire for true equality and change, Truly Making a Difference was formed.

We began to help where it was feasible, using our in-house funds and our community outreach activities to raise funds. We continue to forge ahead. We need to broaden our fundraising capacity if we are to provide better resources, goods, and services. In 2017, we received our official IRC 501(c)3 non-profit certification. We continue to forge ahead, working diligently for TRUE CHANGE. As a non-profit organization, we truly intend to acquire all available resources to help us in achieving as many goals as feasible.

Truly Making A Difference Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides goods and services to underserved populations and communities. These services range from providing food boxes and hot meals, professional job/trade training programs and other self-improvement programs. We also provide personal products and services. We will continue serving this population for true change and equity.

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Our Mission

We are a nonprofit community and social equality advancement organization dedicated to furthering social causes and advocating for the advancement of  human capacity building and education. We work to promote self-empowerment and self-sustainability for the underserved populations. This strengthens families and aids in elevating them out of poverty.

We strive to provide strong educational opportunities that lead to economic stability. Our goal is to provide viable representation for the destitute in their time of need. Our commitment is to support the neglected populations to attain their basic human rights by providing appropriate representation and being a voice when necessary, including providing the appropriate investigative and other human services.

Our Vision

  • Economic Justice – Fight for underserved populations so that they will have equal social and economic justice via access to capital, livable wages, credit standards, affordable utility and insurance rates, decent housing and true equality and representation in the justice department/court system.
  • Community Activism – To be the voice for the community by promoting social, economic and environmental change, aiding in the elimination of food deserts, focusing on crime, unemployment, health and safety issues.
  • Community Development – Empower individuals and groups to work collectively to create positive progressive change in their communities while generating solutions to problems.

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